About Us

Amdec Inc (American Decorators) has been in the Screen Printing Business Since 1995.

Made in America…. American Owned!

Amdec Inc, was founded in Dallas, Texas with a vision to achieve the highest standards in cosmetic decorating and screen printing on containers of all types. We produce quality screen printing that beats our competition while still offering a lower cost.

Our computerized systems, include inventory and sales orders to provide prompt and efficient services for our customers. All incoming/outgoing orders are monitored through our Quality Control Division.

Our talents in cosmetic decorating on tubes, jars and bottles for the cosmetic industry are beyond reproach. Please contact us to provide a list of referrals and testimonies from some very well known packaging & cosmetic companies.

No customer is too large or too small, they all are very important to us. We are a nationwide screen printing company, and the largest in the Midwest. We do pride ourselves for supporting and helping other Texas Small, Medium, Large or Individual sized businesses fulfill their screen printing needs. Our customer service team has a “can do” attitude to get your products completed with excellence. Please visit our rules/guidelines in printing here at Amdec to help us better serve you post to understand what we need from our customers!

Contact us today, we will be happy to assist you anytime.


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