Amdec in Dallas screen prints company logos on plastics, bottles, glass, tubes and jars to help your business get noticed.

ScreenPrintingonBottlesBottles, tubes, jars, glass, plastic containers, oh my……. we screen print on all sizes and shapes!

Bring us your water bottles, jugs, tubes, wine bottles, jars, plastic containers, glass containers and we will help your business logo get noticed!

“The absolute best service. I will never go anywhere else. Laura, Sophia, and the rest of the Team are top notch.” ~ Lesley T. (Providing Screen Printing since 2016, Great lady and great customer!)

ChocolateIndulgence cosmetic_screen_printing JarPrintingExamples Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 6.44.27 PM Jar printing, Printing on plastics, Screen Printing on bottles nail JackBlack ChiSmart biosilk BeyondBelief

Printing on Glass


Screen printing on all types of containers made of plastic or glass.

Screen_printing_plastic_glass_bottles Screen_Printing_Tubes





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