Rules/Guidelines in Screen Printing Here at Amdec to Help US Better Serve YOU

Hello and Welcome to Amdec Screen Printing Company!

“Here below is a little cheat sheet of sorts, that tells you about our rules/guidelines in printing here at Amdec to help us better serve you. Artwork can be tricky, so I would like to help main stream it…..”

Guidelines to remember when designing artwork….
The best formats for artwork submissions to Amdec Are
PDF files with fonts converted to outlines…
you CAN use…..

NO Photoshop.
Bitmaps, jpeg and tiff images generated in Work or Adobe Photoshop are NOT recommended.

Barcodes/UPCs you must comply with GS1 Industry Standards. For information, visit We recommend “vector art” for the crispest print usually an .ai file or an .eps file.

Submit your artwork via email if under 10MG.
We will submit back to you a proof of your artwork, read this very carefully, and sign and date if correct and send back to us.

The industry standard for scrap allowance printing is 3% per color which is industry standard throughout the industry. Example two colors is allowed 6% scrap/waste of bottles.

We use Scotch magic 810 Tape for adhesion testing to make sure the ink adheres well to the container. If you require something different in your compatibility testing please let us know.It is recommended you do not go below 4pt in type size. Stay with bolder fonts, try to avoid swirly, flowery, thin fragile fonts, they don’t reproduce well in small font sizes. You do not need disjointed or hard to read fonts…Failure to use appropriate size and font type causes issues.
We prefer you do not use halftones or tints. They do not print well, and they do not reproduce the same on different production runs.

Silkscreen inks are mixed in spot colors using universal color matching systems such as PMS/Pantone Color Guide books or TOYO system. Use ink colors from the Pantone+ Solid Coated color library”
You should have specs from the bottle manufacturer showing you the printable area or “deco area.” Stay within those limits.
We can also mark up a container for you, if you don’t have a template from manufacturer.

We can produce samples for you at the time of printing before completing the full run There is a minimal charge of $160 for up to 50 samples.
Pricing is based on quantity, container type and the number of colors to be printed.

We print any quantity no matter how large or small.
Our lead time is 15-24 working days.
Call us for current schedule.
We schedule your order for production after:
1) approval of final artwork
2) receipt of your containers
3) receipt of your purchase order.

Metallic prints – There is an additional/upcharge of $25-35 for metallic ink.
All of our inks are California Prop 65 compliant.

Please call me at 214-654-0560 ext 101 if you have any questions.

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