Printing on Glass, Hot Stamping, Labels for wine bottles and more!

Amdec Inc has been busy providing screen printing for Texas businesses & other large companies all over the U.S. Please see examples of our   printing on glass, plastics, tubes and more. No company is too large for Amdec Inc. We work with local businesses as well as out of state!

We have added a labeler to label bottles.
This will work well for our plastic and glass for cosmetics companies, plus the wine and liquor business.

Our hot stamping business is going well, however, we are always looking for more! We can handle A LOT MORE business!!

Our new two color automatic screen printing projects are doing well, but we could be busier with larger volume plastic bottles projects for larger companies.

Printing on Glass

Screen Printing on Glass

BeyondBelief printing on bottles biosilk printing on plastics ChiSmart printing for cosmetics containers JackBlack printing on tubes nail printing on jars, labels


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